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“Everyday Heroes”

A dramatization of how the Civil Air Patrol conducts a mission for a missing aircraft. Air crews and Ground teams work together to find missing pilots and bring them home.

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Sound of Air traffic control chatter

First air traffic controller: "Push it up...way up...that's it"

Pilot: "We're going down!"

Sound of crash as heard over the radio.

Second air traffic controller: "You never saw him?"

First air traffic controller: "Negative."

Second air traffic controller: "He didn't land?"

First air traffic controller: "Negative."

Second air traffic controller: "God..."

First air traffic controller: "I don't have him. He called me once and I told him to land, told him "not in sight," I don't have him."

Second air traffic controller: "Well, he must have crashed, then."

CAP Flight 540: "Cap Flight 605, this is CAP Flight 540, we are enroute to search area for downed aircraft. Do you have any hits with the Hyperspectral Imaging System?"

CAP Flight 605: "That's affirmative, CAP Flight 540. We have several hits and are sending you those chips and GPS locations to you via e-mail over the sat phone."

CAP Flight 540: "Roger, that, CAP Flight 605, we are downloading that info and are in the search pattern, ready to use the satellite digital imaging system, over."

CAP Flight 605: "Good luck, CAP Flight 540. CAP Flight 605, out."

CAP Flight 540: "Ground control, this is CAP Flight 540, we have the digital images and we are transmitting you those via e-mail for the ground team. CAP Flight 540, out."

Ground team member, shouting: "This is Civil Air Patrol, do you need help?"

Ground team member: "We have confirmed find, over."

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