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Aircraft Basing

The below information is the North Carolina Wing aircraft basing plan. This plan is subject to change at any time.

Tail # Aircraft Type Aircraft Name Custodial Unit Based Location
N179CP C182T Nav III Sandy NC-170 SUT
N262CP C182T Nav III   NC-022 BUY
N819CP C182T  Dixie NC-162 SVH
N405CV C182T Nav III   NC-082 INT
N4813C C172 Frank  NC-171 FAY
N716CP C182T Nav III   NC-121 JQF  
N726CP C172T Nav III Betty NC-048 RDU
N727CP C182T Nav III   NC-171 FAY
N7360C C206 Lola NC-145 LHZ
N741CP C182T Nav III   NC-305 ECG
N98426 C172 Sarah NC-057 RWI
N908CP C172   NC-023 ILM
N938CP C182T Nav III Max NC-145 LHZ
N963CP C182T Nav III Gumby  NC-019 AVL
N9930E C182 Thor NC-169 IXA
N99832 C172   NC-082 INT
N99885 C172 Echo NC-019 AVL


* Denotes 30 Day Aircraft Rotation

Aircraft rotations are coordinated between the assigned units.Rotations may be adjusted to suit the needs of the affected units. Any adjustments must be coordinated and agreed upon between the affected units. Any rotation changes and concerns should be addressed to the NCWG/DO.                                                                           

As of 27 August 2019

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