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Cadet Programs Development

Cadet Programs Development

The purpose of Cadet Programs Development is to assist local squadrons in running their cadet programs and providing training to Deputy Commanders for Cadets and Cadet Programs Officers.

Utilize the NCWG Cadet Programs Staff! Feel free to ask any staff officer questions, provide feedback, or work to schedule a squadron visit.  We are here to help.


Minimum Monthly Contact Hours

Each month, cadet units must complete the following contact hours:

Leadership: 1.5 hours. Includes classroom instruction, drill and ceremonies, team leadership problems and similar activities.

Aerospace: 1.5 hours. Includes classroom instruction, “AEX” activities, tours, rocketry, Satellite Tool Kit and similar activities.

Fitness: 1 hour. Includes fitness games, drills, orienteering, classroom instruction, fitness testing and similar activities.

Character:1 hour. Includes character forums, DDR programs, mentoring, guest speakers and similar activities.

Squadrons must offer one activity beyond the weekly unit meeting per month. This goal can be met without overwhelming local resources by working with wing and/or group headquarters and neighboring squadrons. Utilize the wing calendar to find activities wing-wide.


Guidance for Cadet Programs Officers

Cadet Programs Officers should read CAPR 52-16 in entirety. CP Officers should consider the elements of the Quality Cadet Unit Award and be continually striving for those goals.

Each unit should appoint one CAC primary representative and one CAC alternate representative. If your representative is elected to a leadership position, you should replace him/her as representative so they are not "double-hatted." CAC representatives should brief your squadron on what the CAC is working on and gather feedback for the CAC. 

Units must complete two DDR activities per calendar year and submit an AAR for each activity via eServices. See the DDR page for DDR activity ideas.

Units should have an active recruiting and rentention process.

Units should have a squadron calendar on the squadron website, with all meeting and activity details.  

Cadet staff should publish a cadet chain of command with staff contact information. Cadet flight staff should call each cadet weekly (a call down) to discuss current meeting plans and discuss the next steps for cadet progression. Cadet staff should conduct meetings once a week, either over the phone or prior to the regular meeting.

Progress in the CP Officer Specialty Track. If you do not have a mentor at your squadron, ask your squadron PD officer or email a wing CP staff officer for help.

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