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Mission Scanner Class Held at Johnston County Airport

Mission scanner class
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NC-143 hosts a Mission Scanner class at the Johnston County Airport. Photo Credit: 2d Lt Abel Wilson, CAP (click image to view full size)
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Groups 2 and 5 collaborate to train new aircrew

6/15/2019––On Saturday June 8, 2019, squadrons from Groups 2 and 5 of Civil Air Patrol's (CAP) North Carolina Wing collaborated to conduct a Mission Scanner class for 16 prospective new aircrew.  

NC-143 (Johnston County Composite Squadron) hosted the event at the Johnston County Airport and provided 1st Lt Dan Moore as an instructor. NC-171 (Sandhills Senior Squadron) provided additional instructors under the expert direction of Capt Morris “Cliff” Herring. 
The day began in the hangar with hands-on instruction about the mechanics of flight and how the various aircraft systems operate and how aircrews conduct pre-flight checks. The attendees then proceeded to the classroom to study and gain the skills necessary to perform mission scanner functions. Topics included proper radio communications, map reading, coordination with ground crews, aviation weather, and how CAP conducts search operations. This training is designed to provide students with the academic knowledge to participate in a mission as aircrew.  Having completed their academic training, students are then ready to begin flight training to attain their Mission Scanner aircrew rating.
Mission Scanner is the first aircrew rating that a CAP member can achieve and it is a prerequisite for attaining other ratings such as Mission Observer, Airborne Photographer, and Mission Pilot. 
Although it is basic, do not underestimate the importance of this rating and the jobs Mission Scanners perform. While the pilot and observer focus on getting the aircraft to the correct location, the Mission Scanner and/or Airborne Photographer focus more specifically on the mission of finding the object of the search or the desired point to be photographed. The Mission Scanner is an integral part of the aircrew and is vital to the mission's success.