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54 NC Wing Cadets Complete Fall Encampment

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Practicing graduation parade at Fall Encampment in Edneyville, NC. Photo by Capt Doug McDaris, CAP (click image to view full size)
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Type B Encampment held over two weekends in October

11/8/2018––54 North Carolina Wing cadets attended a Fall Type B encampment over two weekends at the NC Justice Academy West in Edneyville, NC.

Type B Encampments are alternatives to typical weeklong summer encampments and are conducted over two weekends.

Lt Col Rich Augur, Deputy Commander for Cadets at the Asheville Composite Squadron and a United States Air Force Academy (USAFA) graduate, planned and executed all phases of the encampment along with Group 1 Commander Major Jim Fitzpatrick. The encampment was based upon the USAFA’s Basic Cadet Training (BCT). Cadets arrived at the Justice Academy on 12 October 2018 and were assigned to an element of about 7 cadets and were mentored and trained by Cadet NCO’s and officers. There were two flights each with 3 elements.

While meeting all NHQ CAP training requirements, the encampment theme was attention to detail and teamwork. Cadets were required to memorize sections of the encampment handbook and were randomly chosen to repeat “check points”. Cadets were taught the proper way to set up a room, make their bunks, wear their uniform properly and to be on time. Throughout the encampment “assembly” would be played and cadets would have to be at the appropriate assembly area in the uniform of the day within 5 minutes.

The first weekend, 12-14 October 2018 was nicknamed "Beast 1" and was commanded by C/Col Josiah Bilbrey of NC-019. The emphasis of this weekend was on leadership education, drill and ceremonies, parade practice, physical training (PT) and team building exercises.

The cadets had the opportunity to try and solve an Escape Room designed by Lt Col Augur. The cadets had 45 minutes to work together to solve several puzzles in order to escape the room. Another favorite team exercise was a combination of PT and team work to solve the Tower of Brahma.

The second weekend, 19-21 October 2018 was nicknamed "Beast 2" and was commanded by C/Lt Col Grant McDaris of the Asheville Composite Squadron. This weekend emphasized Aerospace Education and ongoing Leadership Training. The cadets spent a day at the Western North Carolina Air Museum. Cadets received tours from museum volunteers covering aircraft from World War I to the present. A helicopter (MAMA) from a local hospital was on static display along with SWAT vehicles from the Henderson County Sheriff’s department.

During the encampment, there were also four first time orientation flights for cadets out of the Asheville Airport.

The final day of encampment was culminated with a cadet parade and pass in review. The honor elements were commanded by C/1Lt Isaac Vermillion and C/SMSgt Graham Collie.

The Fall Type B encampment was a byproduct of the NC Wing Cadet Advisory Council led by Maj Tammy Hallihan. C/Lt Col Grant McDaris wrote and presented the recommendation to Wing and Region to get approval for the encampment.

The Senior Member encampment staff was:

Lt Col Rich Augur, Encampment Commander
Maj Jim Fitzpatrick, Encampment Deputy Commander
Capt Beth Hausner and Capt Rhonda Augur, Encampment Administration
1st Lt Joe Rogers, Medic
Capt Doug McDaris, Logistical Support
1st Lt Mark Whitfield, Transportation

The Cadet Executive Staff was:

C/Col Josiah Bilbrey, Encampment Cadet Commander - Beast 1
C/Lt Col Grant McDaris, Cadet Encampment Commander - Beast 2
C/Maj Robert Lewis, Cadet Deputy Commander