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Cape Fear Composite Squadron Cadet Wins AOPA Flight Scholarship

Cadet Boren
C/SMSgt Maisie Boren received a $5,000 flight scholarship. Photo Credit: 1st Lt Mark Shell, CAP (click image to view full size)
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C/SMSgt Maisie Boren receives $5,000 to help with her pilot's license

8/24/2018––C/SMSgt Maisie Boren of the Cape Fear Composite Squadron (NC-023) was recently selected out of a pool of 1,300 applicants nationwide to receive 1 of the 22 scholarships in the AOPA (Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association) You Can Fly High School Flight Training Scholarship Program.   

The $5,000 scholarship will allow Cadet Boren to build hours towards her private pilot license, with aspirations to log her first solo flight in the near future. Cadet Boren found out about this scholarship through the Civil Air Patrol (CAP) mailing list and decided to apply.  
When asked how she felt when she learned that she was awarded the scholarship, Cadet Boren responded “I was really, really happy about it, because it meant that I could continue my flight training.”  
The 15 year old Cadet Boren has flown previously, taking her first flight lesson on her 12th birthday. Now more than ever, Cadet Boren is on her way to becoming a licensed private pilot. Cadet Boren encourages other CAP cadets who are interested in flying to look for opportunities that enable them to accomplish their dreams.
More information about the flight scholarship is available at: