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Three NCWG Cadets Specialize in Communications

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C/CMSgt Sarah Baer (right) and C/CMSgt Zachary Dunbar. Photo Credit: Capt Adrian Carnes, CAP (click image to view full size)
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C/CMSgt Sarah Baer, C/CMSgt Zachary Dunbar and C/Maj Cody Matthews are Communications Unit Leaders

5/1/2018––C/CMSgt Sarah Baer and C/CMSgt Zachary Dunbar of NC-300 and C/Maj Cody Matthews of NC-082 have all achieved milestones that most cadets never even attempt in Civil Air Patrol (CAP). They have worked very hard to become specialists in communications. 

In the NC Wing, there are only 43 people that have made it to the level of Communications Unit Leader (CUL), including senior members and cadets. Of the current 43 CULs, the only cadets are C/CMSgt Sarah Baer, C/CMSgt Zachary Dunbar and C/Maj Cody Matthews. 
The two cadets from NC-300 have not only served as Net Control for training missions at the squadron and wing level but have also been part of the National training net. They have also staffed NESA (National Emergency Services Academy) as communications staff over the past few summers - Cadet Baer for 3 years and Cadet Dunbar for 2 years. 
In addition to communications, they both have GTM1 (Ground Team Member Level 1) ratings and both completed ICS-300. They each served during Hurricane Matthew and participated in missing person searches.
C/CMSgt Dunbar completed Wilderness Advanced First Aid training at the Alabama Wing Emergency Services School (WESS) and led teams of six to eight students in learning their GTM3 skills.
C/CMSgt Baer, for the last 2 years at NESA, has managed all comms gear for all three NESA schools: Ground, Air, and IC with a total value of assets of over $200,000. This shows her organizational skill and attention to details. She has also achieved the first level of the Communications Specialty Track by becoming one of the few cadets that have achieved the Communications Technician rating and joining a group of only 26 senior members who have this achievement in the Wing.
These three cadets are a great example of what hard work can accomplish in CAP!