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Civil Air Patrol Participates in Middle School College and Career Fair

Recruiting booth
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The CAP recruiting booth at Zebulon Middle School. Photo Credit: 1st Lt Dawn Stange (click image to view full size)
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NCWG cadets shine at Zebulon recruiting event

4/28/2018––Zebulon Middle School, located about 20 miles east of Raleigh, invited the NC Wing of the Civil Air Patrol (CAP) to be a part of their College and Career Fair Day on Thursday, 26 April 2018. A few of the students helped with unloading and loading display items as well as served snacks and lunch to all the vendors. The school’s principal, Ms. Candis Jones, said that her brother was a cadet in CAP years ago and she was glad that we were able to attend.

Each grade was given a 45 minute time period to visit the 35 booths and complete a scavenger hunt. Their main focus was to teach these young people how to shake hands, make eye contact and introduce themselves. Some of the students were a little shy to approach our booth, but it made me proud to watch three cadets from the  Franklin County Composite Squadron greet them with a firm hand shake and a smile. These cadets were C/Amn Adam Jessop, C/SrA Camden Santos and C/CMSgt Joshua Stange. 
Our CAP display was very popular among the students. They had never heard of CAP and many were amazed that they were old enough to join. A few 6th graders asked C/CMSgt Joshua Stange to teach them how to use the compass that was on display. One student asked with excitement, “I’m 12 years old. You mean I can fly in an airplane?” Another student exclaimed, “Wow, this is cool. I want to join now!” Our booth was set up near the entrance, so it was one of the first stops for the students. As time was short, 1st Lt Dawn Stange had to reluctantly intervene and send these prospective cadets on to the next table. 
Lt Stange was also able to spend a few minutes talking with teachers about CAP's Aerospace Education Member program. They seemed shocked to learn what all CAP had to offer them. As teachers began spreading the word, other teachers would come by our booth to ask for a packet. It was wonderful to be able to make connections with these educators and expose them to STEM kits and TOP flights. 
By the end of the day, all of the CAP business cards, cadet brochures and teacher packets were gone. C/SrA  Santos said, “I hope we have at least 5 cadets join from this event.” C/Amn Jessop stated that he would like to see 7 or 8 cadets join. This was these cadets very first recruiting event and they were surprised at how many students were interested in hearing about CAP. 
C/CMSgt Stange has been on so many recruiting events that he enjoyed sharing a few pointers with C/Amn Jessop and C/SrA Santos prior to this career fair. We may not know how many new members will join CAP because of this outstanding event, but we do know that at least 600 more people now know who we are.