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Cadet O-flights at the Randolph Composite Squadron

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LT Col Matthew Urbanek of the Winston Salem Composite Squadron goes through Preflight check lists with Cadet Colton Russell, while Cadets Eric Barr and Will Garner look on. Photo Credit: 2d Lt Brent Wooters, CAP (click image to view full size)
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A fun and educational experience at the Asheboro Regional Airport

4/3/2018––Saturday, 31 March 2018 was a brisk morning and three of the cadets from the Randolph Composite Squadron, MER NC-107, were lined up for their orientation flights. The skies were clear and painted a beautiful blue with the occasional cloud resembling an odd shaped cotton ball high in the sky. This would be the initial orientation flight for two of the cadets and they were ready to get airborne and off the terra firma.

The Cadets recognized the red tail of the Civil Air Patrol (CAP) Cessna C-172 as it made an approach to land at the Asheboro Regional Airport (HBI). Lt Col Matthew Urbanek touched the plane down at 0900 hours and taxied to the three waiting cadets. Lt Colonel Urbanek had piloted the C-172, call sign CAP3232, from the Winston-Salem Composite Squadron at the Smith Reynolds airport for a long day of orientation flights. CAP3232 was scheduled for two orientation flights out of Asheboro Regional and was then heading to another squadron for afternoon orientation flights.
The cadets were given a tour of the C-172 and walked through the preflight and safety briefing by Lt Col Urbanek. The first flight belonged to Cadet Colton Russell. This was Cadet Russell’s second orientation flight and he was eager to complete the preflight. The weather was clear and the temperature was 54 degrees with winds at 7 mph North. CAP3232 lifted off the runway at HBI and was on the way to Burlington Alamance Regional Airport (BUY) where Lt Col Urbanek and Cadet Russell would complete a “touch and go” and then return back to Asheboro.
Maj Robert McGlohon discussed the orientation flight syllabus with the two additional cadets as they awaited the return of CAP3232. Cadets Eric Barr and Will Garner would be embarking on their initial orientation flight and were learning the tasks they would be completing during their adventure. After the C-172 made another safe landing at Asheboro Regional Airport, Cadet Russell was quick to pass on some free advice to the newer Cadets. When asked what his favorite part of the flight was he replied, “The view was the best part of the could see forever.”
The next flight would be leaving for the Danville Regional Airport (DAN) in VA where, after refueling, the cadets would switch seat positions and head back to Asheboro Regional. Cadets Barr and Garner would be learning from the Powered 1 orientation flight syllabus that included topics such as the aircraft’s controls and the aircraft's altitude in relation to the horizon. When asked about his flight Cadet Barr replied, "I liked the calmness when the plane turned in the air. I learned a lot about degrees and altitude.”
The motto of the Civil Air Patrol cadet orientation flight program is “Safe, Fun, Educational” and all three cadets were shown how the joy of flying can lead them down the road of success in leadership, fitness and character.
The Randolph Composite Squadron meets weekly on Thursday evenings at 1900 hours at the Asheboro Regional Airport at 2224 Pilot’s View Road in Asheboro, NC.