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Sugar Valley Composite Squadron Hosts WAFA Training

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C/Lt Col Bouffard observes as C/CMSgt Aldinger does an upper arm immobilization on C/2d Lt Kearns. Photo Credit: 1st Lt Deborah Leighton, CAP (click image to view full size)
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Wilderness Advanced First Aid class a big success

2/28/2018––On February 17 and 18, 2018, the Sugar Valley Composite Squadron hosted the first two days of a Wilderness Advanced First Aid (WAFA) class. With 5 instructors and 12 students, the class was a solid and successful beginning for the 32–36 hour program.

Instructing in the class were: 1st Lt Joseph Rogers, 1st Lt Chris Herman, Maj Stephen Leighton, C/Lt Col Nathan Bouffard and C/2nd Lt Brigid Kearns. Students included:  C/CMSgt Aldinger, C/CMSgt Wells, C/SSgt Haynes, C/A1C Leinen, C/2nd Lt Padiak, C/2nd Lt Kinzel, C/SrA Wright, 2nd Lt Haynes, 2nd Lt Menke, 2nd Lt Haas, Maj Gilchrist and 2nd Lt Shepherd.
All of the students had been provided with the WAFA textbook and a Power Point program, along with a curriculum. Instructed to study the material to be covered by the first two days, each of the students was well prepared, allowing for a training class focused on hands-on training. Initial Scene Assessment, Primary and Secondary Patient Assessments, Lift and Carries, Wound Management and Bandaging, Head and Facial injuries, Muscular and Bone injuries, and Cardiovascular emergencies were the primary topics for these two days.
The second WAFA training session will cover additional topics, including the management of a multi-victim trauma situation and will be held on the weekend of March 24-25, 2018.