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NC Wing has another successful weekend of Glider Operations

Glider preparing for takeoff
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NC Wing Commander Col David E Crawford Hooks up the Glider preparing to Launch the MER Commander Col Larry Ragland on a glider training flight piloted by Capt. Stephen Merritt, earlier this month. (click image to view full size)
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Surpasses 140 sorties for the year as of this weekend

7/28/2014––The NC Wing of the Civil Air Patrol conducted another successful Glider Operations Day on Saturday at Triangle North Executive Airport in Louisburg (Franklin County) this past weekend.

When asked about the Civil Air Patrol’s glider program, North Carolina Wing Commander, Col. Dave Crawford offered: “The glider is a key part of our cadet orientation flight and aerospace education missions. NC Wing was fortunate to have been selected to receive one of the 12 Blanik TG-10B Merlins from the US Air Force Academy.” “The glider program is a Command Emphasis item at the National and Regional levels and I have made it an emphasis item in NC”, said Crawford.

Crawford further added why he felt the NC wing had been so successful in integrating the glider program: “The success of our program (glider) over the last year has been the result of more than a year of planning before the arrival of the glider, combined with dedicated efforts on the part of members from across the wing to build a program from the ground up - including the training of tow and glider pilots as well as the required ground support staff.” Through 7/26 the wing has flown 142 glider sorties in Fiscal Year 2014, which includes 105 Cadet OFlights.

Highlights of the day included 15 glider OFlights including: 12 first time rides, eight Senior glider flights, six powered front seat OFlights, and nine powered back seat OFlights.

Cadets from NC-007 (Fayetteville), NC-048 (Raleigh-Wake), NC-145 (Franklin County), NC-162 (Statesville), NC-170 (Southport), NC-173 (Goldsboro) and NC-301 (Apex) received either glider and/or powered orientation flights launched from Louisburg.

Additional highlights include the designation of a new Tow Pilot Instructor (Capt. John Cole) on the completion of his 100th tow. Through 7/26 NC has flown 142 glider sorties in FY2014, which includes 105 Cadet OFlights.