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NC Wing Summer Encampment Continues

NC Wing Encampment
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Graduation is approaching


North Carolina Summer Encampment’s Graduation Day is approaching faster than any senior member or cadet could imagine — there are only two days left. Months of preparation have been invested into this week and everything gone according to plan. Now that staff and students can see Graduation Day in the near future, we can start looking back on this week and see all that the encampment has accomplished.

The students completed many classes at the beginning of the week with the purpose of orienting themselves with the way encampment and Civil Air Patrol itself functions. Later in the week, the students began studying in classes with more specialized focuses based on their  Students have gone through numerous barrack and uniform inspections so that they could perfect their belongings and practice the art of self-discipline. They have learned many customs and courtesies that may not have been as strictly enforced at their home squadrons. With a Field Training Exercise occurring and O-Flights being conducted the students are also getting hands-on experience with many of their focuses. Students have also executed Reveille and Retreat Formations daily and practiced drill for hours not only to become accustomed to life as a cadet, but also to prepare for graduation day as well.

The cadet cadre and senior staff have also learned a lot from this encampment. The lessons attained from this week all vary based on what staff position is held. Flight staff, for example, has learned how to manage and lead a flight. There are other skills that staff has pulled from the students, such as time management and how to adapt to different environments. However, the most important lesson that the students have taught the staff was how to prepare the students in a way that forms an honorable leader.

This encampment has been successful in more areas than one. Not only did the flights get specific training based on their interests but the cadets also armed them with the tools they need to prosper in CAP. The cadets have grown physically, mentally, and morally. And finally, the cadets learned how to lead by learning to follow first.