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NC Wing Summer Encampment in full swing

NC Wing Encampment
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Encampment Begins


     This Summer Encampment 2014 is being held at Stanly Air National Guard Station. The Encampment is going well so far as we go through the day, Day Two. As the students first full day of cadet life, today, they have been woken up by their line staff, in some of the most effective ways possible, sweated through physical training led by their flight sergeants and flight commanders, filed through a breakfast line all before 0800. After breakfast the students changed uniforms to stand at attention and salute the rising colors for Reveille Formation. Then, the students attended classes based on physical fitness, the Core Values, Leadership, taught during a lunch meal of MREs, and Aerospace. Testing and O-Flights were conducted later in the day.  The barracks have been cleaned and the uniforms have been perfected, both inspected simultaneously. Following inspection, the students practiced drill, preparing themselves for Graduation Day. Dinner comes next, and once again the cadets filed through the line to eat the last meal of Day Two. The colors were lowered and respect was paid during Retreat Formation. Cadets closed out the day with flight sports, showers, blister checks, and personal time. Lights went out for the students at 2145. 

     The students are doing an outstanding job as they become accustomed to the cadet life. Although the students think they are merely following orders given to them, they are learning the skills necessary to be a responsible, effective leader in the future. The classes, drill, and discipline are all imperative to the Civil Air Patrol cadet life, and the cadets will carry that on from encampment to future CAP events ranging from squadron to wing leadership positions. However these skills are not only helpful in cadet life, but also in the students' civilian life now as well as later in their lives.