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Raleigh-Wake Holding a Mission Observer Class This Saturday

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to be held at RDU General Aviation Terminal

5/6/2014––Subject: Mission Observer class at RDU/GAT on Saturday May 10th -

RSVP ALCON Summary: NC-048 is organizing a Mission Observer class at RDU/GAT This class will cover the table top portion only, with qualifying sorties organized later in the month.

Location: RDU/GAT. See for directions

Date: 10May2014 Time: Start 0900-End 1730 (approx) Uniform of the day: Any authorized CAP Uniform

Lunch: GAT restaurant is closed, so pack your lunch or food is available outside the airport

Pre-requisites: Mission Scanner qualification Commander Approval for Prerequisites Safety Current Required Documents: 101 Card CAP ID Card F161 (for non NC-048 members)

Instructor: Capt Andy Vlack Material to be covered: see Reference text:

Material to bring: pen, pencil, paper note book Qualifying sorties: two sorties are required to qualify as MO; these will be organized by NC-048 at a later time, according to individual schedules and available resources (AC, MP) SQTR tasks: at the end of the class, all the necessary material should be covered amd you might be signed off on the related SQTRs taks. If that is not possible, then either additoinal hours will be scheduled or online training will be scheduled.

The material to cover is A LOT! so be on time and well rested

For non NC-048 members, please forward this communication within your squadron.

PLEASE RSVP BY MAY 7th Feel free to contact me in case of any questions Alberto Griffa, Capt, CAP ES Officer, MER-NC-048