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NC Wing Offers Unit Commander's Course

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17 Members Complete Training

1/17/2014––They came from across the state to Burlington to take the Unit Commander's Course being held at wing headquarters on Saturday and Sunday,January 11-12. Seventeen North Carolina senior members with ranks ranging from lieutenant to lieutenant colonel, some already squadron commanders, some preparing to be, some just to better their skills were in attendance.

The two- day course is designed to help acquaint members with some of the duties of a unit commander, but Vice Commander Lt Col Andy Wiggs was quick to say at the end of the course, “This just gives you a license to learn.”

Budgeting, delegating authority, working with families, recruiting and retention were just a few of the course's classes taught to students by a number of highly qualified instructors. Probably the most weighty of the classes was when instructors addressed the subjects of adverse members action and responsibility which gave attendees just a taste of the obligations which being a unit commander encompasses.

The following officers attended and graduated from the class:                           

Parker, Charles C. Capt

Overman, Tony Z. Capt

Steele, Paul Lt Col

Rongo, Carl V. Maj

Cheek, Jason G. 1st Lt,.

Gilchrist, David R. Capt

Lopez, Henry 2nd Lt

Gutierrez, Daniel Capt

Thomas, Bob, 1st Lt

Filyaw, George R SM

Watkins, Ronald A 2d Lt

Angelovich, Edward P Maj

Kearns, Brendan Capt

Phillips, Matthew Maj

Carnes, Paul A. 1st Lt

McCoury, Michael D. Maj

Rowan, Richard A. Maj

Glenn, Dana E., Maj.