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Apex Squadron Conducts End-of-Year Awards Ceremony

Apex End of Year Awards
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From left to right: Col. Ragland and C/Lt. Col. Joshua Waters (click image to view full size)
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Top Awards Go to Hardworking Cadets

1/13/2014–On December 19, 2013 the Apex Cadet Squadron,
MER-NC-301, held its annual end of year awards ceremony. The guest of honor was the Middle East Region Commander Col. Larry Ragland. He was invited to present the Eaker award to C/Maj Joshua Waters.

The Eaker award is Civil Air Patrol's Milestone Award which is presented to a cadet major once they have fulfilled the requirements for the award. This allows the cadet to advance to Cadet Lieutenant Colonel.

Two cadets also were recognized for earning a milestone award that night:
C/SSgts Morgan Prince and Brian Croom received their Wright Brothers Award. Other promotions included Cadet Emily Webster's promotion to C/SrA,
and Cadet Kyra Willis's promotion to C/CMSgt Sergeant.

The following End of Year awards were presented during the ceremony:

Air Force Association Cadet of the year: C/1st Lt Brenden Kearns

Air Force Association Civil Air Patrol Aerospace Cadet of the Year:
C/2ndLt James Barrow

Air Force Sergeant's Association Cadet NCO of the Year: C/CMSgt Kyra Willis

Nomination for CAP Cadet of the Year: C/Lt Col Joshua Waters

Veterans of Foreign Wars Cadet NCO:  C/CMSgt Jared Diehl

Veterans of Foreign Wars Cadet Officer: C/2nd Lt James Barrow

Squadron Cadet of the Year: C/CMSgt Kyra Willis