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Winston-Salem Squadron Boasts Third Spaatz Commanders in a Row

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Cadet Col. Barry Feinstein (click image to view full size)
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C/Col Josiah Gorley received his Spaatz Award at the Recent Wing Conference

10/20/2013––The last three cadet commanders of NC-082 have all been winners of the highest award any cadet can obtain, the Spaatz Award. The Winston-Salem Composite Squadron started off with C/Col Barry Feinstein, followed by C/Col Joel Woods and currently C/Col Josiah Gourley.¬†

The squadron is very proud to have had three consecutive cadet commanders who have earned this high award.  Following C/Col Gourley's promotion, the squadron's cadet commander was not be able to serve long enough to reach Spaatz level as she would if she had the time before leaving to attend Appalachian State University. The current acting cadet commander is C/Capt. Sean Peting.

It takes a lot of work and real dedication to reach this level and to have three in a row is highly unusual.

Photos provided by Maj Clodfelter