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NC Wing Commander Completes Course at National Hqs

Maj Gen Carr, CAP National Commander and Col Crawford
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Maj Gen Chuck Carr, National Commander presents Col Crawford his certificate of completion. (click image to view full size)
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Col. David E. Crawford Completes Wing and Region Commander's Training


Congratulations to North Carolina Wing Commander, Col. David Crawford, on his completion of the Region and Wing Commander's Course at National Headquarters, Maxwell AFB Alabama. "It was a very valuable experience, made more so by the networking with fellow wing commanders from across the country. It was well worth the expenditure of time" said Crawford.

The Region and Wing Commander's course is designed to give CAP members who are currently or who are in the process of becoming a Region or Wing Commander the tools to transition from leadership in smaller groups to Senior Leadership, that of a Commander of a Wing or Region.

The course consists of 40 online and in-residence course hours and is available to members who are either a current Wing or Region Commander or who will within 180 days of the course completion become a Region or Wing commander. The course covers three blocks of instruction including; “Leading the Organization” where the students gain valuable information on ethics and the commander as well as command perspectives, “Wing Commander Responsibilities” that such topics as safety, IG matters, HR policies, legal matters, and logistics and property management, and finally “Focused Lessons”  covering nondiscrimination and ORMS.

There were 19 students, with 18 Wing Commanders and 1 Wing Commander-select in attendance for the Course. MER Commander Colonel Larry Ragland congratulates all the graduates of this year’s class.  “The knowledge and skills learned at this school will help Civil Air Patrol maintain a high level of leadership for years to come.  My hat is off to these members for their dedication to the CAP program.”

Tony Bradley, 1st. Lt, CAP