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NC Wing Welcomes Japanese Cadets

Japanese Cadets
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Natsuko and Chisato in Sky Friends uniform at the Raleigh-Wake meeting (click image to view full size)
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Lt Col Jay Langley and Lt. Col Shelley Chalmers played hosts to the visitors

9/14/2013––Article By: Max Matthews, C/SSgt, CAP Public Affairs NCOIC, MER-NC-048

From August 22nd -August 29th cadets from the Japanese Sky Friends Association, Natsuko Taniguchi and Chisato Makino, came to North Carolina with the NCJCE (North Carolina Japanese Cadet Exchange). They were accompanied by two adult chaperones, Katsuhiko tabayashi and Takashi iida. Lt Col Jay Langley and Lt. Col Shelley Chalmers played hosts to the visitors along with the Raleigh-Wake Composite Squadron. They all participated in many events, such as a trip to King’s Dominion Theme Park, a Glider Ops day, a trip deep sea fishing and a cadet meeting at Raleigh-Wake.

At King's Dominion, the Japanese cadets, who were accompanied by six Raleigh-Wake cadets got a taste of the American adrenaline rush. Secondly, they experienced one of the most beautiful variations of flight, soaring. The weather was gorgeous, and they got to be part of one of the busiest soaring days in NC Wings recent history. The group left at this point on a beach trip where they went deep sea fishing. Lastly, they participated in Raleigh-Wake's weekly meeting which included the monthly DDR and Character Development classes, and they watched an outstanding drill performance by members of the squadron.

During their stay, the Japanese escorts were hosted by Lt. Col Langley and 1Lt Al Griffa. The Japanese cadets were hosted by Maj Terri Zobel and C/Major Katie Zobel. "It was a unique experience to host the Japanese cadets. We got an opportunity to learn about their culture while they had the opportunity to be immersed in ours." said Major Zobel.

The Japanese cadets had a unique opportunity to see what our program was like in contrast to theirs. While they could speak very little English, they had an outstanding time with the cadets. At the meeting, the squadron presented the four Japanese guests with our squadron patch, wing patch, as well as our challenge coin, inside a CAP binder. In return, the Cadet Commander, C/Maj Katie Zobel, received the hat that female Japanese cadets would wear. Raleigh-Wake appreciates the time taken for the Cadets to visit. The squadron hopes the Japanese Cadets enjoyed it as much as they did.