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Shelby Unit Hosts Multi-Wing Training

Shelby Unit Hq.
Shelby Unit HQs and airport FBO (click image to view full size)
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Squadron Leadership School (SLS)

9/12/2013–– 2013 Labor Day weekend was kicked off with an early rise for several CAP officers. Members from Fort Mill, Charlotte, Concord, Raleigh, and even as far away as West Virginia made our way to Shelby North Carolina's regional airport, not for leisure, but to attend a CAP's Squadron Leadership school (SLS), for the next two days.

Capt, Kim McDonald from the Shelby squadron organized the course that is a part of advancement requirements for all officers. At the helm where several instructors. Lt, Col. Chalmers, Maj. Bailey, Capt. Gallant, 1st Lt. Bradley, 1st Lt. Ward and 1st Lt. Conroy. 
The sharing of practical experiences, along with film clips gave context to the class material and was a great open window for discussion. It was quickly understood that there is a vast amount of knowledge that members will consume in these classes.
Areas including officership, public trust, leadership, creative thinking, problem solving, personal development, and individualized training in staff specialities, consumed a major part of our training. 
.he SLS course was closed by a small graduation with the Group one commander Lt, Col. Bob Bauer, who provided the certificates for all the graduates followed by closing remarks.
As the members thanked the instructors and our host Capt. Kim McDonald, everyone quickly got on their way to beat the afternoon holiday rush. Without doubt the voices of our instructors will echo in my mind. A silent pride carried inside of us will remain. We are reminded of the impact we will have on the lives of others by being part of this fine organization, the challenges we will face and the responsibilities we will bear for our squadrons, wings, communities and our nation as a whole.