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CAP Members Continue Multi-State Joint Search & Rescue Exercise.

Sar Eval ICP
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9/7/2013––Members of the Civil Air Patrols North Carolina, Virginia and West Virginia Wings continue their training exercise over the multi-state region this weekend. With clear skies and beautiful weather the air crews will work today to complete their previous missions of; providing post hurricane assessment tasks for a mock hurricane that hit the area yesterday as part of the exercise, aerial reconnaissance of a simulated earthquake along the Blue Ridge Mountains, and a search for a simulated missing aircraft in originating in North Carolina. 7 Aircraft flew over 27 mission hours yesterday and provided their simulated FEMA evaluators with over 120 pictures of the training areas. On the ground over 50 CAP members checked into the Incident Command Post to help assist in the mission efforts, including communications, operations, planning, safety and more. All while members of the squadron hosting the command post graciously provided cooked meals for the staff.  “Everyone comes together to work as a team during these exercises, just as we would in a real world situation.” said Col David Crawford, North Carolina Wing Commander and Incident Commander for the exercise on Saturday.

As the weekend progresses the tasking will change along with the crews themselves, new air crews will be brought in to supplement the members that have been working earlier. Ground team members are expected to go out to provide eyes on the ground, aid in searches, and simulated disaster relief efforts.

These training exercises give members the ability to further their education while working with members outside of their home areas. By blending CAP personnel from all over the region members are able to train with the men and women they would be working with in the event of a real disaster of emergency situation.