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Record Setting Day of Glider Operations

Cdt Micah Streit prepares for his first glider flight
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Cdt Micah Streit (NC-145), who had never flown in any type of aircraft, prepares for his first glider flight with 1st Lt Rick Jones. (CAP Photo by Col D Crawford) (click image to view full size)
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10 Cadet Orientation Flights Flown

8/4/2013–– Saturday 3 Aug 2013 was a record setting day for the new NC Wing Glider program.  A total of 10 cadet orientation flights were flown for cadets from 4 squadrons (Raleigh-Wake, Franklin County, Halifax and Pitt-Greenville).  This beat the previous record of 8 cadet orientation flights flown earlier in June.

Operations began early on Saturday with assembly of the glider which had been dis-assembled and placed in its trailer.  Once the glider was re-assembled, the initial flights were delayed due to low ceilings.

Capt Steve Merritt, kicked off the day with a flight with Lt Col Shelley Chalmers to check the ceiling.  He flew a total of 9 glider sorties, including 3 Orientation Flights and gave a Form5 check ride to NC Wing's newest Glider Orientation Pilot, SM Paul Franzon of the Raleigh-Wake Squadron.

After a break for lunch (BBQ from Johnnie's in Louisburg) coordinated by Lt Col Lisa Armour (NC-145), flight operations continued with 1st Lt Ricky Jones flying an additional 7 Orientation Flights.  

The successful day would not have been possible without the assistance of tow pilots Lt Col Craig Winkelmann of Raleigh-Wake and Capt John Cole of Burlington.  Ground operations were led by "Air Boss" Col David Crawford, assisted by Capt Shawn McComas (NC/DO), Lt Col Shelley Chalmers (NC-999), Lt Col Dion Viventi (Grp 3/CC), Maj Rich Netherby (NC-145/CC), Maj Fred Draper (NC-169), 1st Andy Vlack (NC-048) and 2d Lt Brian Hecker (NC-079).