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NC Wing Group 2 Sponsors Professional Development Weekend

Brig Gen Williams
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Brig. Gen. Blake Williams (US Army Ret.} Lectures at PD Weekend (click image to view full size)
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Training Event Includes NC and SC Members

4/14/2013––The Raleigh Wake Composite Squadron was well represented at the North Carolina Wing Headquarters in Burlington, North Carolina for Professional Development Weekend. Group 2 sponsored the event, which was attended by many squadrons from North Carolina, and even from South Carolina.

Two officers from Raleigh Wake Squadron provided their expertise to the Squadron Leadership School (SLS).  Major Peter A. Bohler, Sr. from Raleigh Wake Squadron led the SLS program, provided media assistance and lectured on responsibility of Staff officers, Captain David R. Gilchrist also lectured the group on leadership, creative thinking and problem solving during the weekend-long course. SLS is a required course for completion of Level 2 training, and necessary for promotion above Lieutenant. 

SLS provides instruction on officership, squadron functions, Leadership, staff specialties, finance, communication and creative thinking and problem solving. Mastery of these skills is necessary for officers wishing to achieve additional command responsibilities. SLS was attended by 1st.Lts. Andrew Vlack and Bryan Weil and 2nd.Lts. Brian Flynn, Matthew Wingfield and Terri Richards. 

The second course attended by members of the squadron was Corporate Learning Course (CLC). CLC is a required element of Level 3 training and required for promotion above the rank of Captain. This class focuses on core values, CAP/USAF relations, management principles, mentoring, best practices, teamwork and group development and planning and decision making.  Capts. Richard Laviano and David Gilchrist attended this class. 

Both classes were honored to hear from Brigadier General Blake Williams, USA retired, former Deputy Commanding General, First Army Division. General Williams lectured on the core principles of leadership and provided many examples from his years of active duty to illustrate principles of leadership.