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New NCWG Website Domain Name and Email Addresses

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New Website Home Page:

1/24/2013–– TO ALL NCWG MEMBERS:

 Effective immediately the primary domain for all web and email for NC Wing is now  The primary website is and all email addresses are To the greatest extent possible any URL that is for automatically is handled as the same URL on the web server.  Any existing email address that points to ncwg.cap.govautomatically forewards to the same address on the domain. For example my address which was will now be All email lists such as will now be on the domain as well.

Any member who currently has a address configured should take immediate steps to update your email client to set it to use your email address on the domain and to change the server name from to If that email address is listed as contact in E-Services at NHQ - you must also update your contact information to reflect the domain in order to make sure that you continue to receive wing based email list traffic and are able to post to the wing lists using the domain formatted email addresses. If you have questions about your wing email address and configuration for the new domain, send your questions to


Col. David E. Crawford

NCWG Commander