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A New Service to NC Wing Members, families and friends of Civil Air Patrol

Brought to you by the Office of Public Affairs

NCWG Headquarters

Burlington, NC


Effective today, Christmas Day, December 25, 2011, The NCWG CAP PAO Blog is now live. The purpose of this new website is to supplement the NCWG website: 

It was necessary to create a new website, hosted in a different location, since our current server is not equipped to allow installation of blogs, which are proving to be a fast, efficient means of reaching the wing membership. 

Several months ago a trial blog was installed for the purpose of offering a PAO online training course. NCWG PAO StudyGuide

As of today, this PAO training site has received 487 visits during its relatively short lifespan.

 This new website will encourage submissions from the three basic missions of CAP as well as special events and activities. Presently the blog features the Special Events article posted on the national website (VolunteerNow) on the wing participation at Kitty Hawk and an article on the NC Governor’s Tree Lighting. Also posted are four articles from Wreaths Across America ceremonies.

 A major advantage in using this blog format is that we are able to post much larger photos than we can on the regular wing website. Other advantages are a larger, easier to read format for those of us who are somewhat visually challenged. More advantages of the blog format will become obvious as we discover them.

 Please visit the homepage to get acquainted with this website. Use the navigation links (Site Pages) on the right sidebar to find articles on the main topics.

 There is still a lot to be done to get the blog containing more content. For the present time, “Comments” are turned off. I’ll work on that.

 To download photos, simply Right Click on the photo and select Save as Image.

 Visit us when time permits:

 Best Wishes for a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and a Safe, Happy New Year.

Don Penven, Capt, CAP