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NC Wing Conducts First Professional Development (PD) Weekend

TLC Class
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Training Leaders of cadets
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Classes Include CLC, SLS and TLC

11/14/2011–– The inaugural PD weekend, November 5-6, 2011, at NC Wing HQs offered much needed training in the Corporate Leadership Class (CLC), Squadron Leadership School (SLS) and Training Leaders of Cadets (TLC). Training Director, Lt. Col. Rob Smith accepted this challenge and due to his persistent and effective recruiting efforts, the program hosted a full house.

 Lt. Col. Smith stated, “We had 11 for SLS, 14 for CLC and 11 for TLC. Although this taxed our facilities, the very nature of these courses demanded comfortable, yet functional training areas.”

 The pride exhibited by Wing Commander, Col. Roy Douglass was evident as he welcomed those attending. “It is difficult enough to schedule and line up instructional staff for any one of these programs. This, today, is indeed a major accomplishment, and Lt. Col. Smith deserves a ‘Very Well Done,’ for his efforts”

 The SLS program is a required for the completion of Level II and promotion to captain. CLC is a requirement for completion of Level III and promotion to major. The TLC program is needed bythose devoted to working with cadets.

 Those NC Wing members receiving diplomas are as follows:







Gail Douglass

Don Penven

Sankey Blanton

Louis Andruzzi

Matthew Phillips

Eric Orgain

Dave Morse

Jake Williams

Leslieann Gourley

Dale Underhill

Arnie Andresen

David Bouffard

Edwin Needham

Dennis Bissell

Alfred Babineau

Ronald Humphries

Kertis Henderson

Robert "Jerry" Rumfelt

Jordan Crawford

Alberto Griffa

Jeff Miller

Kevin Davis

Aaron Schaak

Max Benbow

Susan Lowery

Jason Ward

Kristin Osborne

Carey Cox

Marylene (Kathy) Dalton

Renato Jesalva

Terry Chalk

George Williams

Ashley Thorson


Peter Wehr

James Constable


James Walker


Shawn McComas


 Some of the plans in the works for future PD weekends include repeating this particular format to be held in Burlington or offering one session farther west and another in Eastern NC.

 Lt. Col. Smith is a relatively new member of the NC Wing. He is a certified Instructor through the Air Force’s Academic Instructor School, and is proficient with adult learner modalities. He served as the National Headquarters Deputy Director responsible for the daily management of the national Professional Development, Cadet Programs and Aerospace Education missions.

 Lt. Col Smith’s CAP career began as a cadet in 1975. Since then he completed all personal development programs and achieved significant awards for his service to CAP including the Exceptional Service Award with two bronze clasps, Meritorious Service Award with one bronze clasp, National Commander’s Citation Award with one bronze clasp, Commander’s Commendation Award with three bronze clasps, Lifesaving Award with Silver Star, Gill Robb Wilson Award, Ira Eaker Award, Chuck Yeager Aerospace Award, senior recruiting ribbon with two bronze clasps and 10 other ribbons. He earned CAP mission observer wings, and is Master rated in Emergency Services, Cadet Programs, Chaplain and Professional Development.