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NC Wing Completes Successful SAREVAL

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The Gathering Storm
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Weather Was a Factor--But it Didn't Deter These Everyday Heros


26 March 2011

A team of US Air Force specialists developed a series of scenarios to fully test the capabilities of the emergency services offered by the NC Wing. A mission base was activated at the Burlington HQs at 8:00 a.m., and CAP members from across the state jumped into the various tasks.

According to Incident Commander, Maj. Andy Wiggs, the exercise included missing aircraft searches and disaster relief missions for aircraft and ground teams. “Four of our 10 aircraft based in North Carolina reported to the mission base along with four ground teams. Several other aircraft were given sorties from their home bases,” Wiggs said.

The front desk personnel reported that over 120 members signed in for this evaluation.

Sporadic rain showers popped up around the areas targeted for aerial sorties but all assignments were completed as directed. Mission Safety Officer, Maj. Craig Richardson said that despite the large number of participants and the cold, fickle weather, all sorties were completed in a professional and safe manner.

At the conclusion of the day, representatives of the Air Force evaluation team gave their assessment of the day’s activities. Overall, the wing received a “Successful” rating—pointing out that this grade signifies a level above average. They also noted that several Emergency Services sections received grades of “Highly Successful.”

NC Wing Commander, Col. Roy Douglass, expressed his thanks to the members present at the final de-briefing for a job well done, and he also gave thanks to the Air Force team for their diligence and assistance during the exercise.