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NC Wing Conducts UCC Course

Photo by capt. Don Penven
Unit Commander's Course graduates receive formal recognition for their class work.
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Unit Commander'e Course Held at Burlington HQ

5/13/2010––NC Wing conducted a Unit Commander's Course 23-25 April at Wing HQ.  The course consisted of the 40-hours UCC Core Curriculum tailored to NC Wing's operations, and included practical applications in web-site navigation and applications, uniforms, and form completion, as well as a worship service Sunday morning.

The students were required to provide pre-course assignments, and then had to submit post-course assignments after the UCC before they could graduate and receive credit for the course.  Those post course assignments consisted of creating a plan to recruit and retain members, a mentoring plan, a plan for a fund raising activity and a safety plan - all to be shared by the graduates with their unit to the benefit of their unit.

The graduates of the UCC were:

   1st Lt Rick Bryant SC090 (yes, South Carolina)
   TSgt Randy Dean CAP-USAF
   Capt David Nelson NC057
   Capt John Short, NC151
   Capr Ray Hemphill NC160
   Lt Col Wayne Asbury NC057
   Chap (Lt Col) David Bobbey NC001

The staff instructors were:

   Lt Joel Lipsey - Drug Demand Reduction
   Capt Jim Thomasson, Course Director & Professional Development
   Capt John Short - IT & ORMS
   Maj Andy Wiggs - Recruiting & Emergency Services
   Maj Bill Ryan - Cadet Programs
   Maj Twiddy - Aerospace Education
   Maj Dan McCollum - Safety
   Lt Col Eric Grant - Finance & Fund Raising
   Ms Kathy Gaddy - Finance
   Lt Col John Maxfield - Legal Issues
   Lt Col Keith Hodgin - Inspector Issues
   Lt Col Dave Crawford - Mission Relationships
   Lt Col Paul Meade - Core Values
   Col Ralph Vogt - Personnel
   Col Roy Douglass - various stuff (including uniforms, ORMS, etc)

Unfortunately, not all of the new commanders were in attendance, and plans for another UCC in the fall of 2010 will be discussed with the commanders at my August Commander's Call.