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Unit Commanders Course Held at NCWG HQ.

UCC Graduates
UCC Graduates. Please note that a larger version of this photo will appear in the October issue of Carolina WingSpan, which will be published later this weekend.
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13 Students Graduate


During the weekend of October 23-25, a Unit Commanders Course was held at the North Carolina Wing Headquarters in Burlington, N.C. Thirteen students from across the state participated in an intensive, two-day workshop featuring a number of management topics related to CAP squadron management.

The first session on Saturday featured a detailed briefing on pending national finance changes (CAPR 173 series) by Ms Kathy Gaddy, NC Wing Administrator, and Lt Col Eric Grant, NC Wing Director of Finance. Other topics presented by a well qualified and dynamic group of instructors included: Recruitment and Retention, Command Responsibility, Building and Managing Staff, Squadron Management, Effective Listening, Delegating Authority, Setting Goals and Objectives, and many more.

The Unit Commanders Course provides management-level instruction to current unit commanders, prospective unit commanders, and those senior members who desire more in-depth experience and exposure to command and unit management.

During the two full days of seminar based instruction, a great deal of discussion and debate was generated by the class participants, making the weekend fly by. The Course Director was 1Lt. Jim Thomasson, NC Wing Professional Development Officer.  He was assisted by Maj John Kay, NC Wing Chief of Staff and current Group Five Commander, and Maj. William Isbell, Elizabeth City Composite Squadron Commander.  Other instructors included Lt Col Dominic Strug, Capt. Donald Williams, and Maj. Max Noureddine.

Sucessfully completing the 2009 Unit Commanders Course were: Lt Col Donald Beckett, 1Lt Terry Beck, Maj. Sankey Blanton III, Capt. Thomas Bly, 1Lt. Fred Draper, Lt. Col. Dennis Faver, 1Lt. Stacy Isbell, Capt. James Newton, Capt. Christopher Stone, 2nd Lt. Jacob Summey, 1Lt. Dean Walker, 2Lt. George Wolfe, USAF TSgt Dean, Lt Col Kay and Maj Isbell, who also participated as students.